Rakuten Card Reviews, Credit Limit, Cash Advances, and More! 2023

What is a Credit Card?

Rakuten Card: A credit card is a small, square piece of plastic or steel that is issued by a financial institution such as a bank that permits its holder to borrow funds to pay for services and goods at organizations that accept credit cards. Credit cards impose the condition that cardholders return the bank loans, plus any appropriate interest and any additional agreed-upon charges, in full or over time, either by the billing date or at a later point.

The credit card company may also offer cardholders a separate cash credit line in addition to the usual credit limit, allowing them to borrow money in the form of cash advances that can be obtained through automatic teller machines, ATMs, or credit card convenience checks. Compared to transactions that access the main credit line, such cash advances often have different terms, including no grace period and increased interest rates. Borrowing restrictions are generally set by issuers based on a person’s credit rating. Credit cards continue to be one of the most popular payment methods for purchasing goods and services for today’s consumers, and the vast majority of businesses allow customers to use them to make purchases.

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Rakuten Card overview

A credit card called Rakuten Card is offered by Rakuten Group, Inc., a major Japanese internet retailer. Young adults and foreigners living in Japan love the Rakuten Card. There are a few causes for this. The first is that the application can be submitted online, and most candidates are accepted after being thoroughly screened.

Rakuten card

For those who require immediate access to credit, this card is practical. Rakuten will process your application and issue your card as soon as possible. The second is that there are no annual fees, and cardholders can earn points at a great value while shopping. To earn 1% of your total purchase in points, all you have to do is make purchases with your Rakuten Card.

How to use a Rakuten Card and Credit Limits

The Rakuten Card accepts credit card payments, much like many other credit cards. You are not permitted to exceed your initial credit limit when using the Rakuten Card. Based on the applicant’s financial position, credit limits are decided upon throughout the application screening procedure.

The type of credit card will also influence credit limitations. The highest credit limit on the no-fee, basic Rakuten Card is set at one million yen. The yearly charge for the Rakuten Gold Card is 2,220 yen, and the card’s maximum balance is 2 million yen. The Rakuten Premium Card, which carries an 11,000 yen yearly premium, has the highest limit at 3 million yen.

Rakuten card credit limits

Typically, bank account withdrawals are used to cover card payments. When submitting an online application for the Rakuten Card, you can keep the details of your debit account. If you decide not to, bank transfer forms will be mailed to you.

When using a bank transfer form to make a payment, you must pay bank transfer fees. It is best to register your debit account for this purpose.

Upon registering your bank information, you’ll gain access to a number of advantages. This includes using the Payment with Points service and obtaining cash advances.

The Cash advance feature

By linking their bank account to their Rakuten Card, cardholders can use the cash advance option. You can borrow money from your card issuer using your credit card when you receive a cash advance. When you apply for your credit card, you can also set up cash advance services. After applying, you can also decide to complete the process on Rakuten e-NAVI, the website for Rakuten Card members.

The 10,000-to-900,000-yen cash advance limit varies depending on the cardholder. You have two options for paying back the cash advance. The first option is a lump sum repayment, where you pay back the loan’s principal and interest in full the month after you use it. The second is a revolving payment where a set sum is made on a regular basis.

Redeeming your Reward Points 

You receive Rakuten Points in proportion to the amount you spend using your Rakuten Card. There are countless alternatives for using your points. This includes using them toward purchases or exchanging them for incentives at a rate of one point per yen.

Additionally, Rakuten offers a promotion that multiplies your monthly point total by five on days with the numbers 5 or 0. To get additional points, apply and shop on the appropriate days.

Things you need to know 

  • You cannot simultaneously hold a Rakuten Bank Card and a Rakuten card. A credit card from Rakuten Bank is known as a “Rakuten Bank Card.” Although this Rakuten Bank all-in-one card offers cash and credit capabilities, it cannot be used in conjunction with the Rakuten Card. 
  • Rakuten Card often doesn’t provide credit card loans. Rakuten Bank Card, on the other hand, does offer a card loan facility. It would be wiser to apply for a Rakuten Bank Card if you intend to use credit card loans.

The popularity of the Rakuten card

The number of Rakuten Card holders has surpassed 21 million as of November 2020. This is due to both the credit card security offered by a significant Japanese company and the straightforward application process that makes it possible for more people to obtain cards. The card is frequently suggested as the best credit card for new users because it is simple to apply for and earns points from purchases.

Rakuten card feature


Popular credit card offers might immediately come to mind when you consider how to get cash back for your purchases. However, shopping portals can be an equally efficient way to take advantage of cash-back offers on products you must buy anyhow. Plus, with a shopping portal like Rakuten, there are no fees or interest charges associated with receiving cash back and other benefits. Hence, it is clear that Rakuten is a facility that everyone should consider, as the benefits it provides outweigh the little or no cost it has.

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