Is a Legitimate website or a Scam?

What is is a website that gained attention after being widely discussed on Reddit forums. The image depicts one of these conversations. Numerous users of software and Tinder have come forward, numbering over 90. All of them stated that they had a conversation with a young girl or lady who was enthusiastic about them. After some discussion, they all claimed to have received a message about finding out about her preferences on that was identical to or equivalent to the one they had.


According to the claim, a girl he matched with on Tinder texted him the message. In the text, the lady expresses interest in meeting the guy in person but requests that he first view her profile on The man concluded that it had to be some kind of fraud, so he posted it on Reddit to warn others.


Is it a scam?

As I discovered, is not a website. More than 100 comments on this incident have been posted on Reddit. This website is risky and subject to misuse. We advise you not to go there.

You are trying to find one of these sites, which is why your search for was ineffective when you searched through these sites. This may be a result of a similar web address. The website you are seeking does not exist, and is extremely eager to let you know this.


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After extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that it is difficult to tell if is a fraud or not. There is no use in debating whether the website is a scam if it doesn’t even exist. It is simply spam, so you should report it to Tinder’s customer support team so they can fix the problem.

Apart from this, we insist that you stay away from the website because it seems to be extremely risky and the chances of being deceived are high. This is just another example of an alleged scam that deceives people.

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