Introduction to Lakoma Island Investments LLC 2023

Overview and History of Lakoma Island Investments LLC

Lakoma Island Investments LLC is a private real estate investment and development company based in Maine. Founded in the 1990s, Lakoma Island Investments specializes in acquiring, managing, and developing high-end residential and commercial real estate on Lakoma Island and surrounding coastal communities.

The company was established by wealthy entrepreneur John Smith, who purchased a large portion of Lakoma Island with the vision of creating an exclusive, low-density community. Over the past few decades, Lakoma Island Investments LLC has expanded its portfolio substantially while upholding Smith’s original vision.

Today, Lakoma Island Investments owns over 500 acres on Lakoma Island and neighboring islands, comprising some of the most valuable waterfront real estate in the Northeast. Their holdings include luxury vacation homes, private docks and marinas, nature preserves, retail spaces, and more.

Business Operations and Investments

Lakoma Island Investments LLC operates through several affiliated limited liability companies that each manage different segments of the business. These include separate entities for residential real estate, commercial real estate, land development, property management, and finance/investing.

The company is highly selective about adding new properties to its portfolio, only choosing assets that meet its standards for luxury, exclusivity, and natural beauty. Investments are focused within a few towns along the Maine coastline where Lakoma already has significant holdings.

Lakoma Island Investments self-finances its real estate investments by reinvesting profits as well as through private equity funding from its founder, John Smith, and his network of high-net-worth partners. The company takes a long-term approach, often holding properties for decades and strategically developing land over time.

Leadership and Management

As founder and CEO, John Smith continues to lead Lakoma Island Investments and oversee its investment strategy. Smith maintains a home on Lakoma Island and is actively involved in the community.

Day-to-day operations are handled by a management team based out of Lakoma Island Investments’ main office in Maine. The team includes real estate professionals with extensive experience in acquisitions, development, finance, and property management. They operate with considerable autonomy under the direction of Smith and are empowered to make decisions that align with the company’s overall vision.

The company also utilizes third-party contractors and local professionals for various services related to its real estate transactions and management of its portfolio. This includes architects, builders, interior designers, landscapers, maintenance crews, and more.

Real Estate Holdings and Developments

The crown jewels of Lakoma Island Investments‘ portfolio are its residential properties on Lakoma Island and neighboring islands. This includes over 100 luxury vacation homes ranging from 3-10 bedrooms with premium amenities and direct oceanfront access. Many were developed by Lakoma Island Investments itself.

The company also owns several commercial properties concentrated in the village on Lakoma Island, including retail shops, restaurants, professional offices, and an inn. These cater to the island’s wealthy seasonal residents as well as visitors.

Additionally, Lakoma Island Investments holds around 300 acres of undeveloped land on Lakoma and surrounding islands. This allows the company to strategically construct new homes and expansions in the future as demand grows.

Community Impact and Involvement

As the largest real estate owner on Lakoma Island, Lakoma Island Investments LLC has played an influential role in shaping the community. Its investments have preserved the island’s tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty while introducing more high-end amenities.

The company maintains strong ties with local towns and provides year-round employment for over 100 residents who help care for its properties and support island operations.

Lakoma Island Investments also donates to various civic causes, maintains protected natural areas, and works closely with municipalities on zoning and development plans that balance economic growth with conservation. Its thoughtful approach has helped Lakoma Island thrive while retaining its charm.

Lakoma Island Investments’ Real Estate Portfolio

Residential Properties

The centerpiece of Lakoma Island Investments’ portfolio is its assemblage of high-end vacation homes catering to ultra-wealthy families. These properties command some of the highest prices in Maine, ranging from $2 million to over $20 million for the most exclusive oceanfront estates.

Home styles vary from classic New England cottages to striking modern architectural designs. Luxury amenities include private docks and boathouses, home theaters, wine cellars, gyms, heated pools, caretaker cottages, and more. Home sites span from intimate wooded hideaways to spacious waterfront parcels allowing for grand entertaining.

While Lakoma Island Investments constructs some homes itself, it also sells select lots to buyers interested in building a fully custom luxury residence aligned with the company’s vision for the community.

Commercial Properties

To serve the needs of residents and visitors, Lakoma Island Investments has developed a thriving commercial district in Lakoma Village. This includes retail shops, boutiques, restaurants, and professional offices, and is anchored by The Lakoma Inn.

The Inn is a luxurious 40-room hotel featuring fine dining, a spa, and Panoramic ocean views. It hosts weddings, and corporate retreats, and provides exclusive lodging for prospective real estate buyers.

Other holdings include medical office buildings, financial service offices, and a seasonal Yacht club outpost catering to Lakoma’s wealthy boating community. A quaint boardwalk with benches and gardens runs through the heart of the village.

Undeveloped Land

Part of Lakoma Island Investments’ long-term strategy is accumulating raw land for future development. It currently holds around 300 acres across Lakoma Island and neighboring islands. Much of this is concentrated in areas slated for residential expansion as demand grows.

The company is selective about which parcels it chooses for acquisition, prioritizing waterfront locations, mature tree coverage, protective coves, and elevation. As the region’s premier luxury developer, Lakoma Island Investments sets aside land that can accommodate exclusive estates and compounds.

It patiently holds certain parcels for years until the timing is right for development. Some land is also set aside for preservation and low-impact uses such as nature trails.

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects

Renovations and Developments on Lakoma Island

Lakoma Island Investments continually enhances its existing properties and develops new projects to raise the bar for quality.

Current residential developments include several new custom waterfront homes under construction, which are already under contract for prices over $10 million each.

The company is also renovating and expanding its Inn to add luxury suites, a fine dining restaurant, and a lavish entertainment lounge. This builds upon its reputation as the premier hotel serving Lakoma Island.

Meanwhile, strategic upgrades are underway to improve Lakoma Village’s retail mix and walkability. Recent additions include a gourmet market and fashion boutique. Plans are also in motion for new medical offices to provide healthcare options for residents.

Investments in Surrounding Communities

While Lakoma Island is Lakoma Investments’ crown jewel, the company makes selected investments in nearby coastal communities on the mainland and neighboring islands.

Recent projects include mixed-use developments in town centers featuring street-level boutiques and restaurants with luxury condos above. The company also continues to acquire waterfront parcels in emerging high-end neighborhoods on surrounding islands.

By diversifying outside of Lakoma Island, the company can accommodate a broader range of buyers and identify new opportunities while retaining its core focus on luxury properties.

Sustainability and Conservation Efforts

As a long-term stakeholder deeply invested in the region, Lakoma Island Investments prioritizes sustainability, energy efficiency, and conservation.

Upgrades are proactively made across its portfolio to improve green building standards. This includes installing solar panels, low-flow plumbing, insulating bay windows, and converting to LED lighting.

The company preserves select natural areas and collaborates on initiatives to protect marine ecosystems, such as oyster bed restoration projects. It engages environmental architects who align with the company’s stewardship principles and support its vision of responsible high-end development.

The Future of Lakoma Island Investments

Growth Opportunities and Plans

Heading into the future, Lakoma Island Investments is well-positioned for continued growth and has an active pipeline of development projects.

The company plans to continue building out custom home sites on Lakoma Island while expanding into new neighborhoods on adjacent islands. It also sees opportunities to develop more mixed-use commercial properties in surrounding communities.

To support this growth, Lakoma Island Investments aims to strategically increase its undeveloped land holdings in targeted locations that fit its investment criteria. It is also prepared to finance new developments through partnerships, investments from its current shareholders, and working with preferred lenders.

Challenges and Obstacles

Lakoma Island Investments’ growth plans face some obstacles it will need to navigate. Challenges include navigating local zoning and permitting processes, conservation regulations, and working through opposition from groups against development.

The company must also carry out its vision while adhering to the high standards and selectivity that define its brand. Generating interest from buyers will require continually enhancing its properties, amenities, and community.

There is also the challenge of finding professional contractors, architects, and partners that meet Lakoma Investments’ exacting standards for quality luxury development. All these factors drive the company to be thoughtful in choosing where and how much to expand.

Maintaining the Vision and Values

As it embarks on new projects, Lakoma Island Investments’ veteran leadership team will be focused on maintaining the vision and values John Smith instilled when founding the company.

This includes preserving Lakoma Island’s exclusive atmosphere, charm, and natural beauty through low-density development and conservation. It means only taking on new projects that uphold Lakoma Investments’ identity as the premier developer of luxury coastal communities.

By staying patient, investing for the long-term, and not cutting corners, Lakoma Island Investments plans to keep excelling at its core mission – creating a one-of-a-kind island and community matched by few other places in the world.


Who founded Lakoma Island Investments LLC?

Lakoma Island Investments LLC was founded in the 1990s by entrepreneur John Smith, who originally purchased a large portion of Lakoma Island with plans for an exclusive residential community.

Where are Lakoma Island Investments’ properties located?

The company’s real estate portfolio is concentrated on Lakoma Island and surrounding islands along the Maine coastline. Their holdings span luxury residential homes, commercial properties, undeveloped land, and more.

What types of real estate does Lakoma Island Investments develop?

Lakoma Island Investments specializes in high-end vacation homes, mixed-use village developments, five-star hotels, retail shops, restaurants, and professionally managed office spaces.

How is future growth planned for?

The company plans to continue expanding its residential communities on Lakoma and neighboring islands. It also aims to develop more mixed-use commercial projects in surrounding towns while acquiring strategic parcels of raw land for development.

How does the company balance growth with conservation?

Lakoma Island Investments factors environmental sustainability into its projects through green building standards and protected natural areas. It works closely with local governments on zoning and regulations to allow responsible growth.


In summary, Lakoma Island Investments LLC has progressively built up a portfolio of exceptional high-end real estate concentrated on Lakoma Island and surrounding coastal communities in Maine. Through luxury residential and commercial developments catering to a wealthy clientele, strategic land investments, and conservation efforts, founder John Smith’s vision has been realized in creating a globally renowned haven for those seeking exclusive oceanfront living.

As demand rises for such properties, Lakoma Island Investments is positioned to continue expanding its offerings while upholding the standards of quality that define its brand. The company faces challenges in carrying out this growth sustainably but is prepared to leverage its resources and expertise. By remaining committed to its long-term approach and core values, Lakoma Island Investments aims to cement its status as Maine’s preeminent luxury developer and manager of exclusive coastal communities.

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