Best Jet Airways Credit Card Offers & Review 2023

Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, offers co-branded credit cards with Citibank that provide cardholders with special privileges and rewards. Jet Airways credit cards allow you to earn JPMiles on your everyday spending that can be redeemed for free flights and upgrades. Depending on the card, benefits also include lounge access, fee waivers, and other travel perks. In this article, we review the top Jet Airways credit card products and discuss the pros and cons of each to help you decide which card is best suited for your needs.

Benefits of Jet Airways Credit Cards

Some of the common benefits offered by Jet Airways credit cards include:

Earn JPMiles

The primary benefit of Jet Airways credit cards is the ability to earn JPMiles on your everyday spending. JPMiles can be redeemed for free flights and upgrades on Jet Airways and its partner airlines. More premium cards earn JPMiles faster.

Complimentary Jet Airways Tickets

Higher-end Jet Airways cards provide vouchers for one or more free companion tickets on Jet Airways which can make family travel more affordable.

Lounge Access

Premium Jet Airways credit cards offer complimentary access to Jet Airways lounges across India and the world. This provides a comfortable waiting area before flights.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Some cards allow cardholders to redeem JPMiles without incurring fuel surcharges levied on award tickets. This provides additional savings.

Insurance Coverage

Jet Airways cards may offer complimentary travel insurance, lost baggage cover, and other protections while traveling.

Other Benefits

Other privileges include complimentary upgrades, priority check-in/boarding, and discounts on partner brands.

JetPrivilege Signature Credit Card


The JetPrivilege Signature Credit Card is the most premium card offered in partnership with Jet Airways and offers the maximum rewards and benefits.


The JetPrivilege Signature card requires an annual income of ₹6 lakhs for eligibility.


The card has a joining and annual fee of ₹15,000. Additional cards cost ₹3,500 annually.

Rewards and Features

The JetPrivilege Signature card offers the following key benefits:

  • Earn:20 JPMiles per ₹100 spent; 4 JPMiles per ₹100 on international spends
  • Welcome Bonus:15,000 Bonus JPMiles
  • Perks:4 Complimentary Jet Airways return tickets; 8 lounge vouchers; Fuel surcharge waiver on award flights
  • Insurance: Air Accident Cover up to ₹50 lakhs; Lost Baggage Cover up to $500
  • Other: Priority check-in, boarding, baggage handling; Upgrade vouchers

JetPrivilege Platinum Credit Card


The JetPrivilege Platinum Card is a mid-tier card offering a balanced set of rewards and fees.


The minimum income requirement for the JetPrivilege Platinum card is ₹4 lakhs per annum.


The joining/annual fee for this card is ₹3,500. Additional cards are priced at ₹1,800 per year.

Rewards and Features

Key features of the JetPrivilege Platinum Card:

  • Earn:12 JPMiles on ₹100 domestic spend; 3 JPMiles per ₹100 on international transactions
  • Welcome Bonus:10,000 Bonus JPMiles
  • Perks:2 Complimentary Jet Airways return tickets; 4 lounge vouchers
  • Insurance:Air Accident Cover up to ₹25 lakhs; Lost Baggage Cover up to ₹50,000
  • Other: Priority boarding; Upgrade vouchers

JetPrivilege Titanium Credit Card


The JetPrivilege Titanium Card is the most affordable Jet Airways credit card ideal for occasional travelers.


This card requires a lower annual income of ₹2 lakhs.


There is no joining fee for this card. The annual fee is ₹1,500 with additional cards at ₹750 per year.

Rewards and Features

Key privileges of the JetPrivilege Titanium Card are:

  • Earn:6 JPMiles on ₹100 domestic spend; 1.5 JPMiles per ₹100 on international transactions
  • Welcome Bonus:3,000 JPMiles
  • Perks:1 Jet Airways return ticket; 2 lounge vouchers
  • Insurance: Air Accident Cover up to ₹25 lakhs
  • Other: Priority check-in; Upgrade vouchers

Which Jet Airways Credit Card is Right for You?

Choosing the best Jet Airways credit card depends on your travel habits and financial situation.

Frequent Jet Airways Flyers

If you fly Jet Airways frequently, the Signature card is worth the high fee for maximum JPMiles earnings and elite benefits. The Platinum variant can be a more affordable option.

Occasional Jet Airways Flyers

For occasional travelers, the no-fee Titanium card provides a good entry-level option to enjoy some JPMiles benefits and savings. Upgrade to Platinum for more rewards.

Credit Card Usage Habits

Those who use credit cards extensively for daily expenses can maximize JPMiles earnings with the Signature or Platinum card. Low spenders are better off with the Titanium card.

Applying for a Jet Airways Credit Card

Here is what you should know about getting a Jet Airways credit card:

Application Process

You can apply for the credit card online, at Citibank branches, or through the Jet Airways website. Supporting documents include ID/address proof, passport photos, and income statements.

Approval Criteria

Eligibility depends on minimum income requirements and credit score (750+ recommended). Existing Citibank customers have higher approval chances.

Tips for Using Your Jet Airways Credit Card

Follow these tips to maximize value from Jet Airways credit cards:

Redeeming Miles

Book reward flights online at the Jet Airways website. Confirm availability in advance for popular routes. Opt for off-season travel to reduce the miles needed.

Transferring Points

Transfer JPMiles to flying partner programs like Virgin Atlantic to redeem for international flights on other airlines.

Paying Your Bill

Set up autopay from your bank account to avoid missing payment deadlines and incurring hefty credit card charges.


Which Jet Airways credit card has the lowest annual fee?

The JetPrivilege Titanium Card has the lowest annual fee of ₹1,500. There is no joining fee.

How can I get lounge access with a Jet Airways credit card?

The JetPrivilege Platinum and Signature credit cards offer complimentary lounge access through priority pass membership. The Titanium card provides discounted lounge access.

What is the maximum free baggage allowance with a Jet Airways credit card?

The JetPrivilege Signature card offers a maximum free checked baggage allowance of 40kg while the Platinum provides 30kg. The Titanium card has a free baggage allowance of 15kg.

What is the minimum income to get a JetPrivilege Signature credit card?

You need a minimum gross annual income of ₹6 lakhs to be eligible for the Signature card, the highest tier Jet Airways credit card.

How do I contact Jet Airways credit card customer service?

You can contact JetPrivilege Platinum and Signature Card customer service at 1860-266-4444. For Titanium card inquiries call 1860-266-6677.


Jet Airways credit cards offer a lucrative way for frequent flyers to earn free flights, and upgrades and enjoy elite travel privileges. Cards range from entry-level Titanium to ultra-premium Signature tailored for different consumer segments. Choose based on your travel patterns, spending ability, and affordability to pick the best Jet Airways credit card that meets your needs. A bit of research and planning can help you maximize the value you get from these cards.

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