Piramal Personal Loans – A Comprehensive Guide In 2023


Piramal Personal Loan: Personal loans have become an increasingly popular financial tool for many Indian consumers looking to fund major purchases or consolidate high-interest debt. Among the top personal loan providers in India is Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited, a leading non-banking financial company.

Piramal offers customizable personal loan products to suit a wide range of financial needs and eligibility profiles. With minimal documentation, quick disbursal, and convenient repayment options, Piramal personal loans present an attractive borrowing option for salaried individuals and self-employed professionals.

This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of Piramal personal loans covering key features, interest rates, eligibility criteria, application process, documents required, and repayment options. We will also look at the benefits of choosing a Piramal personal loan over other financing alternatives. Read on to make an informed decision on whether Piramal’s personal loan products fit your specific requirements.

An Overview of Piramal Personal Loans

Piramal offers unsecured personal loans from Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 15 lakhs to eligible salaried and self-employed borrowers. The loans can be used for any personal financial needs like wedding expenses, home renovation, family vacation, medical treatment, or education.

Piramal personal loans come with competitive interest rates starting from 11.99% per annum. While the rate applicable will depend on your eligibility, credit profile, and chosen loan amount, it still compares favorably with most bank personal loans.

The term length for repayment can be chosen from 12 months to 60 months. So you have the flexibility to customize your EMI and tenure based on repayment capacity. Prepayment charges are also minimal at 2% of the outstanding loan amount.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Quick approval and disbursal within 48 hours
  • Requires minimal documentation without collateral or guarantor
  • Flexible loan amount and tenure options
  • Attractive interest rates starting at 11.99% p.a.
  • Prepayment charges are capped at 2% of the outstanding amount
  • Online application and E-approval for convenience
  • Dedicated relationship manager for personalized assistance
  • Doorstep document collection facility available

Eligibility and Documentation

To apply for a Piramal personal loan, you must meet the following basic eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum age of 21 years at the time of applying for the loan
  • Maximum age capped at 58 years at loan maturity
  • Salaried individuals must have a minimum monthly income of Rs. 15,000
  • Self-employed professionals should have been in business for at least 3 years

Piramal offers a convenient online application process that requires minimal documentation. Key documents required are:

Salaried Applicants:

  • Identity and address proof (PAN card, Aadhaar, Passport, etc.)
  • Last 3 months’ salary slips
  • Last 6 months’ bank statements indicating salary credits
  • Proof of employment

Self-employed Applicants:

  • Identity and address proof
  • Last 3 years’ financial statements
  • The last 6 months’ bank statements
  • Proof of business registration
  • Other income-proof documents

This makes Piramal personal loans ideal even for non-salaried borrowers like entrepreneurs, doctors, and chartered accountants who may not have regular Form 16 for income proof.

Application Process

The application process for Piramal personal loans is quick and convenient through both online and offline channels.

Online Process:

  • Visit Piramal’s website and click on ‘Apply Now’ on the personal loan page.
  • Provide your basic personal and financial details in the online form.
  • Upload scanned copies of your KYC and income documents as per the checklist.
  • E-approval is provided basis of automated verification and credit checks.
  • Piramal will contact you to complete the remaining documentation.

Offline Process:

  • Visit your nearest Piramal branch with the duly filled application form and required documents.
  • Piramal executive will help you fill in any remaining details and verify KYC/income documents.
  • In-principle approval is provided on the spot.
  • The loan amount is disbursed within 48 hours of completing documentation.

The doorstep document collection facility also allows Piramal agents to pick up your application form and documents from your home or office as per scheduled appointment.

Interest Rates and Repayment Options

The interest rate on Piramal personal loans ranges from 11.99% p.a. to 26% p.a. based on your eligibility, income stability, credit score, chosen loan tenure, and amount.

The rates are competitive considering most banks charge between 10.5% to 22% on personal loans. businessmen who have healthy cash flows.

Piramal offers the flexibility to customize your repayment tenure from 12 months to 60 months. Your EMI amount will be determined as per the tenure chosen.

For instance, a Rs. 5 lakh personal loan from Piramal at 15% interest taken for 2 years will mean an EMI of Rs. 24,041. Here is an indicative EMI schedule for different loan amounts and tenures at an assumed interest rate of 16% p.a.:

Loan Amount Loan Tenure Monthly EMI Rs. 1 lakh 12 months Rs. 8,753 Rs. 3 lakhs 36 months Rs. 9,799 Rs. 5 lakhs 48 months Rs. 12,326 Rs. 10 lakhs 60 months Rs. 24,200

You can repay your loan EMIs through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) by auto-debit from your bank account on the due date. Part prepayment and foreclosure are also permitted by paying 2% charges on the outstanding principal.

This provides the flexibility to repay ahead of schedule and reduce interest outgo. The convenience of online EMI payments and doorstep document collection also makes Piramal personal loans ideal for tech-savvy and busy consumers.

Benefits of Choosing a Piramal Personal Loan

Here are some of the major benefits of availing a personal loan from Piramal:

  • Quick processing and disbursal within 48 hours of approval
  • Lower eligibility criteria than most banks – income starting Rs. 15,000 p.m.
  • Competitive interest rates starting at 11.99% p.a.
  • Loans up to Rs. 15 lakhs for your diverse financing needs
  • Flexible 12 to 60-month repayment period as per requirement
  • Minimal foreclosure charges at 2% of principal outstanding
  • E-approval available for faster decision-making
  • Dedicated relationship manager for personalized assistance
  • Doorstep service for your convenience

Therefore, Piramal personal loans make for an ideal financing tool for individuals from diverse income segments and eligibility profiles. The unsecured nature also means quick access to funds without time-consuming collateral and guarantor arrangements.

Factors to Consider Before Applying

While Piramal personal loans offer multiple benefits, make sure to evaluate a few key parameters as per your financial situation:

  • Carefully calculate your repayment capacity based on income stability and other loan obligations. Avoid over-committing to a large EMI burden.
  • Compare interest rates and charges of Piramal with other lenders like banks and NBFCs. Opt for the most competitive deal.
  • Choose the ideal loan tenure so that EMIs do not stretch beyond your repayment capacity.
  • Watch out for any hidden charges apart from processing fees and foreclosure charges.
  • Check prepayment flexibility, part payment options, and foreclosure charges before committing.
  • Read the fine print thoroughly to avoid surprises later. Clarify any doubts before signing.

Doing due diligence will ensure availing your loan from the lender offering the best terms to suit your financial needs.


Piramal Capital offers a compelling proposition for personal loan seekers, providing customized financing with speed and convenience. The end-to-end digitized processes coupled with doorstep services make Piramal personal loans ideal for today’s consumers.

Salaried employees with modest incomes starting at Rs. 15,000 and self-employed professionals can avail of sizeable loans for their diverse needs at attractive rates. With flexible tenures from 1 to 5 years, small foreclosure charges, and prepayment options, borrowers also enjoy the convenience of managing repayments as per their cash flows.

So if you need funds for a wedding, home renovation, medical treatment, higher education, or a dream vacation, Piramal personal loans provide easy access minus the hassles of traditional financing options. Evaluate your needs, repayment capacity, and loan alternatives to make the most suitable decision for your financial situation.

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