Option Scalping with 90% Accuracy on Dhan Trading App 2024

Option scalping has become an increasingly popular trading strategy for many active traders looking to profit from small intraday price movements in the options market. With the right skills and tools, scalpers can take advantage of the high liquidity and volatility of options to realize consistent profits. One platform that claims to enable option scalpers to execute trades with up to 90% accuracy is the Dhan Trading App. You can open a Dhan Demat Account using the given link to start your trading journey also if you need any help regarding trading you can join our free Telegram Group.

What is Option Scalping?

Option scalping involves making multiple small trades throughout the day to capture minor price movements in the options market. Scalpers typically hold positions for very short periods, often just a few minutes or even seconds. The key is to get in and out of trades quickly while capturing tiny profits that can accumulate into meaningful gains over time.

Scalpers need to have very short-term trading strategies. They closely watch for price fluctuations on intraday charts like 1-minute and 5-minute time frames. When they identify minor price swings, they quickly open and close positions aiming to bank small but consistent profits from each trade.

Benefits of Option Scalping

There are several advantages to option scalping when done right:

  • Taking advantage of small intraday price movements – Options prices are constantly fluctuating throughout the trading day. Scalpers can capitalize even on slight changes in implied volatility and other pricing factors.
  • High liquidity – Options have high liquidity, which allows scalpers to get in and out of trades easily and with minimal slippage.
  • Leveraging smaller capital – Scalping options do not require large amounts of trading capital. Careful risk management allows trading small position sizes.
  • Avoiding overnight gaps – By closing out positions within the day, option scalpers are not exposed to overnight trading gaps between market close and open.
  • Diversifying returns – Successful scalping generates steady income that can diversify returns beyond longer-term strategies.

Challenges of Option Scalping

However, option scalping also comes with some key challenges:

  • Requires extensive skills and experience – It takes discipline, precision timing, and an ability to read short-term market dynamics correctly. Beginners tend to suffer losses attempting to scalp options.
  • High commission costs – The high volume of trades leads to accumulated commission fees that eat into profits. Scalping options only make sense with low-commission brokers.
  • Needs ultra-fast trade execution – Lagging order execution can undermine scalpers’ ability to enter and exit at desired prices. A high-speed trading platform is ideal.
  • Risk of losses accelerates – While individual trade risk may be small, losses can compound rapidly with multiple trades. Strict risk management is critical.
  • Mental fatigue sets in – The hyper-intense focus required for scalping often leads to mental exhaustion and mistakes. Frequent breaks are essential.
  • Difficult to automate – Reliable fully-automated options scalping is challenging. Human pattern recognition and discretion still rule.

Key Features of the Dhan Trading App for Option Scalping

The developers of the Dhan Trading App claim its features are optimized specifically for option scalping with accuracy as high as 90% on trades. Here are some of its touted capabilities:

  • Advanced options analytics – Built-in volatility and pricing models help identify mispriced options and other potential trading opportunities.
  • Superior order execution – Cutting-edge execution algorithms get scalpers into and out of trades faster than competing platforms.
  • Real-time options data – Constant streaming of live options quotes ensures scalpers trade on the latest market prices.
  • Automated trade support – Automated tools assist with timing, pricing, position sizing, and other facets while still keeping the trader in control.
  • Robust risk management – Customizable risk management features like stop losses help enforce disciplined risk on each trade.
  • Profit targets – Take profit orders and allow scalpers to systematically lock in gains as price levels are reached.
  • Backtesting – Traders can refine and practice their options scalping strategies by replaying historical market movements.
  • Paper trading – Before putting real money on the line, the app allows realistic paper trading in a simulated live market environment.

Tips for Successful Option Scalping on the Dhan App

Here are some tips for traders looking to maximize their odds of effective option scalping using the Dhan Trading App:

  • Stick to highly liquid options – Focus on actively traded options with tight bid-ask spreads for easy order entries and exits.
  • Use limit orders – Place limit orders above/below current market prices to enter and exit trades at optimal levels.
  • Keep position sizes small – Trade options contracts in quantities of 1 to 5 contracts to control risk on each trade.
  • Manage risk aggressively – Employ stop losses on every trade and size position to limit losses to acceptable levels.
  • Book profits quickly – Don’t get greedy chasing every last cent of profit. Lock in gains with take profit orders when hitting targets.
  • Review losing trades – Analyze losing trades to identify and correct any flaws in your trading strategy or mindset.
  • Take frequent breaks – Step away regularly to rest your mind and body to sustain mental focus and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the system requirements for using the Dhan Trading App?

A: The app requires Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.13 and higher—quad-core processor with 4GB RAM minimum. A high-speed broadband internet connection is essential.

Q: What options can I trade with the app?

A: The platform supports the scalping of stock options, index options (Nifty, Bank Nifty), currency futures and options, as well as commodity options across all major Indian exchanges.

Q: Is there a subscription cost for the Dhan Trading App?

A: No, the app is currently free to download and use without any subscription fees or charges. Transaction fees from your broker still apply.

Q: Can I automate an options scalping strategy completely on the app?

A: Although the app has some automated features, fully automated options scalping is not feasible. Human oversight and discretion are still required for successful trading.

Q: As a beginner, can I successfully scalp options on the Dhan App?

A: Beginners would likely find option scalping difficult and suffer losses attempting it. Extensive experience trading options intraday is recommended before scalping. It’s best suited for seasoned traders.


The Dhan Trading App combines a robust set of tools specifically for the fast-paced world of options scalping. For experienced traders with strong risk management skills, the platform may support consistent profit scalping options. But like any high-speed trading strategy, caution is called for. Take time to master the app’s features, paper trade, and develop effective habits before putting real capital at risk option scalping.

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