CheapOair Credit Card Reviews 2023: Maximizing Rewards and Savings

Cheapoair credit card: The Cheapoair credit card is an excellent option for frequent travelers looking to maximize rewards and savings on airfare. Offered through Barclays Bank Delaware, this Mastercard provides a unique combination of benefits that can add up to thousands of dollars in value each year.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Cheapoair credit card, including rewards, benefits, fees, eligibility, and how it compares to other travel rewards cards. By the end, you’ll understand if this is the right card for your needs and how to maximize its value.

About CheapOair

First, let’s provide some background on Cheapoair. Cheapoair is an online travel agency that specializes in discounted airfares worldwide. Founded in 2005, Cheapoair combines high-tech and high-touch services to provide customized travel booking experiences to over 5 million travelers per year.

The company’s goal is to make travel affordable and accessible. Cheapoair offers exclusive web fares not available on other sites along with 24/7 customer service. The company also owns and operates several other brands like, CheapOstay, and for the Canadian, accommodation, and European markets.

CheapOair Credit Card Overview

The Cheapoair Credit Card is a co-branded airline credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. It was launched in 2013 as the “CheapOair Card” but was rebranded to the CheapOair Credit Card in 2018.

Cardholders earn 3x miles per $1 spent on and 1x miles on other purchases. The miles are worth 1 cent each as statement credits toward flights on There is also a generous 50,000-mile signup bonus after spending $1,000 in the first 90 days.

Other benefits include:

  • $50 annual airline fee statement credit
  • First checked bag free for cardholder and companions on CheapOair itineraries
  • 20% savings on in-flight purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Access to Mastercard World Elite benefits

One downside is the $89 annual fee, but it can be offset with even moderate spending on Cheapoair flights. There are no limits on how many miles you can earn and miles don’t expire.

Earning and Redeeming Miles

Let’s take a closer look at earning and redeeming with the CheapOair Credit Card:


  • 3x miles per $1 on purchases
  • 1x miles per $1 on all other purchases
  • 50,000 bonus miles after $1,000 spent in 90 days
  • 5,000 bonus miles for adding an authorized user


  • Miles are worth 1 cent each as statement credits toward Cheapoair flights
  • Transfer miles to your CheapOair account
  • Redeem for airfare, hotels, car rentals, activities and more
  • No blackout dates

There are no caps on earnings and miles don’t expire, making this one of the most generous rewards programs for a co-branded airline credit card. The ability to redeem for any flight at a fixed value without capacity controls provides exceptional flexibility.

Credit Card Benefits

The CheapOair Credit Card comes with an array of valuable benefits:

  • $50 annual airline fee statement credit – recoup bag fees, in-flight food/beverages, lounge access
  • First checked bag free for cardholder and up to 8 companions for Cheapoair itineraries
  • 20% savings on in-flight purchases including meals, drinks, Wi-Fi, etc
  • Trip cancellation/interruption insurance – up to $5,000 per passenger
  • Baggage delay insurance – reimburses essential purchases up to $500 if bags are delayed 6+ hours
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Complimentary Boingo Wi-Fi – unlimited Wi-Fi at over 1 million hotspots worldwide
  • Car rental insurance – secondary coverage for theft and collision damage
  • Purchase protection against damage and theft – up to 90 days after purchase
  • Extended warranty protection – extends US manufacturer’s warranty by 1 year
  • Mastercard World Elite benefits – exclusive offers, upgrades, discounts

The statement credits, free checked bag, and 20% in-flight savings make this card extremely valuable for Cheapoair flyers. The World Elite benefits also give cardholders luxury perks not typically found on low-cost airline cards.

Fees and Eligibility

The Cheapoair Credit Card does have a $89 annual fee, but it can easily be offset through benefits. There are no foreign transaction fees.

Eligibility is straightforward – this card is available to applicants with good to excellent credit (660 FICO score or higher). Students or foreign nationals cannot apply without a social security number and US credit history.

How It Compares to Other Travel Cards

The Cheapoair Credit Card occupies a unique position in the travel rewards credit card landscape. It provides exceptional earnings and redemptions specifically for cheap air travel. Most co-branded airline cards earn well only within their airline network.

Compared to flexible travel cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Amex Gold, the Cheapoair card has more valuable benefits for its niche. It also has no foreign transaction fees, unlike the Sapphire Preferred.

For primary travel spending on Cheapoair flights, this card is tough to beat. However, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Amex Platinum, and Capital One Venture X have richer reward potential for non-Cheapoair purchases.

The Cheapoair card can provide tremendous value but works best as a complementary card for cardholders who also have a premium flexible travel card in their wallet.

Maximizing the CheapOair Credit Card

Here are some tips to maximize value from the CheapOair Credit Card:

  • Book all Cheapoair flights with the card to earn 3x miles
  • Use the $50 airline fee credit each year
  • Add authorized users to earn 5,000 bonus miles each
  • Transfer miles to CheapOair account to redeem for flights
  • Use miles for international flights to get the highest value
  • Utilize the free checked bag benefit when flying CheapOair
  • Save 20% on in-flight CheapOair purchases
  • Use World Elite benefits like rental car elite status
  • Redeem miles for any flight – no blackout dates
  • Pool miles from multiple cards/family members into one CheapOair account
  • Use the price drop guarantee to re-book at lower fares
  • Book refundable Cheapoair fares and cancel for a full refund of miles

Properly utilizing all the varied benefits can unlock tremendous savings and value. The Cheapoair Credit Card is rewarding when used frequently for Cheapoair bookings.

Is the Cheapoair Credit Card Right for You?

The CheapOair Credit Card is best suited for these types of travelers:

  • Frequent Cheapoair flyers – the 3x miles and free checked bag provide huge value
  • International travelers – redeem miles for long-haul economy or business class seats
  • Credit card maximizers – take advantage of multiple statement credits, bonuses, and benefits
  • Cost-conscious flyers – unlock extra savings through miles and card benefits
  • Loyalty rewards enthusiasts – no caps on earning mean unlimited miles
  • Families – book together and pool miles into one CheapOair account
  • Jetsetters – benefit from no foreign transaction fees

The Cheapoair Credit Card is likely not ideal for travelers who rarely or never fly Cheapoair. The earnings rate on non-Cheapoair purchases is only 1x mile per dollar spent.

For anyone who flies Cheapoair multiple times per year, especially internationally, this card should be strongly considered for the outsized value it provides.


The Cheapoair Credit Card provides a powerful combination of high earning potential and valuable benefits tailored specifically for Cheapoair loyalists. With 3x miles on Cheapoair purchases, 50,000 bonus miles, free checked bags, annual credits, and more, this card can unlock significant savings.

While it does carry a $89 annual fee, the perks easily outweigh the cost of frequent Cheapoair flyers. When used to its full advantage, the Cheapoair Credit Card should deliver thousands of dollars in value each year. Flexible redemptions with no blackout dates add to the appeal for jet-setting travelers.

For loyal Cheapoair customers, the Cheapoair Credit Card is a no-brainer. Even casual Cheapoair flyers can benefit from the generous rewards. While it fills a specific niche, the outsized value relative to its annual fee makes this a card that any travel enthusiast should consider.

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