Axis Golf Carts 2023: A Comprehensive Review Of Axis EV Golf Cart

Golf carts have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation for golf courses, resorts, airports, universities, and planned communities. Among the top golf cart manufacturers, Axis Golf Carts stands out with its innovative designs and premium build quality. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at Axis Golf Carts, specifically the Axis EV (electric vehicle) model, its features, performance, and overall customer satisfaction based on Axis golf cart reviews.

Overview of Axis Golf Carts

Axis Golf Carts is an American company founded in 2006 that manufactures electric and gas-powered golf carts along with other small utility vehicles. They are based out of Elkhart, Indiana, and market their golf carts worldwide to various clients including golf courses, hotels, airports, apartments, planned communities, and more.

Some key facts about Axis Golf Carts:

  • Specialize in building premium, high-performance golf carts using quality components
  • Offer both electric and gas model options
  • Manufacture their own proprietary EV powertrain and batteries
  • Customizable models with various seating configurations and accessory options
  • UL classified as a low-speed vehicle, legal for street use up to 25 mph
  • 5-year limited warranty on the frame and 3 years on the EV powertrain

Axis EV Golf Cart Overview

The Axis EV is the flagship electric golf cart offered by Axis. It runs entirely on a 48-volt electric drivetrain powered by industry-leading lithium-ion batteries. Here are some of the specs and features that make the Axis EV stand out:

  • Proprietary direct drive AC induction motor provides instant smooth acceleration up to 19 mph top speed
  • Maintenance 48 volt 20 kWh lithium battery pack offers up to 36 holes per charge
  • Regenerative braking recharges batteries while braking
  • LED directional and tail lights for street legal operation
  • Automotive-style safety features like seat belts, hip restraints, padded steering wheel
  • Fully customizable seating, colors, wheel options, canopy, and accessories

Benefits of the Axis EV Golf Cart

Electric golf carts like the Axis EV provide some key advantages over gas-powered models:

  • Extremely quiet operation, ideal for residential and mixed-use communities
  • Zero emissions make it environmentally friendly
  • Lower operating costs without expensive gas or motor maintenance
  • Lithium batteries hold charge longer and require less maintenance than lead-acid
  • The built-in charger allows you to plug in anywhere there’s an outlet

Given these benefits, it’s no surprise that demand for high-quality electric golf carts like the Axis EV continues to grow exponentially.

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Axis EV Golf Cart Performance and Features

The Axis EV delivers an incredibly smooth and responsive driving experience thanks to its AC induction motor that provides instant torque without gears or shifting. Test drivers praise its acceleration and hill-climbing ability. Its top forward speed of 19 mph allows the Axis EV to be legally driven on streets with speed limits of up to 25 mph.

Here are some of the other stand-out features that improve driveability and handling:

  • Independent front and rear suspension absorbs bumps and provides a comfortable ride
  • Low center of gravity and 14-inch alloy wheels enhance stability
  • Disc brakes on all four wheels allow for confident stops
  • Rack and pinion steering provides responsive, automotive-style handling
  • Street legal headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights
  • Automotive-style front hood for access to connections and components

In addition to performance, the Axis EV also offers high levels of safety and customization. Safety features include hip restraints, a padded steering wheel, a rearview mirror, neutral start protection, and a reverse warning beeper. Customers can choose from two seating configurations, multiple color options, wheel styles, and accessories like weather enclosures, sound systems, and storage solutions.

Overall, test drivers and reviewers consistently give the Axis EV top ratings for its power, comfort, and customizable options that allow buyers to tailor it to their needs.

What Owners Say in Axis Golf Cart Reviews

In addition to expert reviews, it’s helpful to examine the experience of actual Axis EV owners. Here are some common observations found in Axis golf cart reviews and testimonials:

  • Peppy acceleration and ample power going up hills
  • High-quality fit and finish on par with major golf cart brands
  • Comfortable ride quality even over bumpy terrain
  • Intuitive controls and responsive steering allow for precise handling
  • Impressive battery range capable of 36 holes between charges
  • Easy to plug in and charge anywhere there is an electrical outlet
  • Very quiet operation compared to gas-powered golf carts
  • Chic, customizable styling options and accessories
  • Excellent after-sales customer service from Axis

One concern mentioned in some Axis golf cart reviews is the relatively high initial purchase price compared to models from other brands. However, most owners mention the premium quality, performance, and longevity make it worth the additional upfront investment.

Common reasons owners give for buying and recommending the Axis EV:

  • Smooth, responsive acceleration and hill-climbing ability
  • Low-maintenance electric drivetrain
  • Customizable styling and accessory options
  • Premium fit and finish for the golf cart market
  • Quiet, environmentally friendly operation
  • Automotive-style handling and safety features

Based on owner experiences shared online, the Axis EV maintains very high satisfaction as an electric golf cart choice. Given its popularity among country clubs, resorts, RV parks, and residential developments, the Axis EV has cemented itself as a top choice in the high-performance electric golf cart segment.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Axis golf carts and the Axis EV model:

How much does the Axis EV golf cart cost?

The retail price of the Axis EV starts around $12,500 but can vary based on seating configuration, accessories, and your dealer. Special promotional pricing may be available.

How far will an Axis EV golf cart go on a charge?

The 48V lithium battery pack can reliably deliver 18-36 holes per charge depending on terrain, passenger weight, and driving style. The average range is 20-30 miles.

How fast does an Axis EV golf cart go?

The top forward speed is 19 mph. Acceleration and hill-climbing power are impressive for an electric. Axis performance competes with higher-end gas carts.

Where are Axis golf carts manufactured?

Axis vehicles are proudly manufactured in the USA at the company’s facility in Elkhart, Indiana.

Can you customize an Axis EV golf cart?

Yes, Axis offers two seating options, multiple colors and wheel choices, and dozens of custom accessories and upgrades to tailor the look and functionality.

Is the Axis EV street legal?

Yes, it is DOT classified as a low-speed vehicle for street use up to 25 mph thanks to features like lights and safety belts.

Do you need a license to drive an Axis golf cart?

Most states require a valid driver’s license to operate on public streets. No special license is needed for private property.

How long do Axis golf cart batteries last?

With proper care and maintenance, the lithium batteries in the Axis EV can last 5-8 years. They carry a 3-year warranty from Axis.


In conclusion, Axis Golf Carts has built an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-caliber electric and gas-powered golf carts that meet the needs of diverse clients. The Axis EV stands out as its premium electric model featuring an incredibly smooth and responsive AC induction drivetrain, robust lithium-ion battery system, and automotive-style handling. Owners praise its power, customization, and premium quality justifying its higher initial price. For golf courses, planned communities, and anyone seeking a top-tier electric golf cart, the Axis EV is a compelling choice to consider.

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