“The Entire System Is Going Down” – Robert Kiyosaki Best Video 2023

“The Entire System Is Going Down” | Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming – Robert Kiyosaki Video

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In this interview, financial expert Robert Kiyosaki warns investors that the current market decline is only the beginning. With inflation currently at over 8%, Kiyosaki warns that the consequences will be far worse than anyone expects. According to Kiyosaki, the everything bubble will burst, potentially triggering the worst depression in history.

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In this video, Kiyosaki discusses the bleak outlook and why he is hedging his portfolio with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Silver, and Gold.

►Speaker: Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman and the author of over 26 books including the #1 bestselling personal finance book of all time “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

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Let me just say this much.

Markets go up and markets come down.

It’s coming down.

Then we’re going into depression.

Then we go into revolution.

The only reason I buy Bitcoin is I don’t.

Don’t trust my government.

I don’t trust the Federal Reserve Bank, I

don’t trust the Treasury, I don’t trust basement

Biden, and I don’t trust the stock market.

Now, if you trust all four of them, have good money.

I have gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

So Bitcoin is a bet against the government.

I’ll say this one more time.

If you study Marx, a central

bank is essential to communism.

That’s the Fed.

That’s the third central bank we’ve

had come into existence in 1913.

In 1913, the Fed was created.

So was the tax department in 1913.

Oh, coincidence.

The average guy has no idea that happened.

The other thing about Bitcoin is, that my basis is $7,000.

Always remember your profits are made when

you buy, not when you sell.

Would I recommend it at 40, but at six I would.

So you just wait for the crash. Of course.

Buy low, sell high.

But I never sell.

I borrow out.

I’m trying to say tax law, English

common law, and Amsterdam was corporate law.

So what happens is, let me give the same example.

I buy Bitcoin or a property

at a million dollars property.

It goes up to ten.

I’ll borrow it at five.

That felt like $5 million. I still have the property.

I haven’t sold it.

I have no taxable event because I didn’t sell it.

That $5 million is tax free because it’s debt.

You see, debt is the key.

And guy, Oh, I live debt free.

You’re a stupid monkey.

That’s what it means.

You just been a puppet on a string

taught by school teachers and financial planners and

all these guys who know nothing about money.

I don’t give financial advice because

that gets me in more trouble.

I just tell people what I do.

I own Gold Mines.

I took public.

So all you have stocks?

I said, Yeah, they’re my stocks, idiot.

I own silver mine.

I don’t trust freaking Chinese.

I mean, because my gold mine in China,

they took a billion dollar gold mine.

I was a billionaire for about a year, and

the Chinese said, Oh, thank you very much.

But that’s why I know about

the Uighurs and all this stuff.

They have the belt and one road project.

My friends in Hong Kong, they think that

COVID came about because they wanted to find

a way to stop the Hong Kong riots.

Really, those are all opinions, but I

can’t really prove all that stuff.

I just would rather have the gold than the gold mine.

Now, and I’ve owned silver mines in Argentina.

I made fortunes off of that stuff.

But my stock, I take companies public.

I don’t buy stocks.

Now, that takes education that you don’t get in school.

But my best thing I say to young people is, this.

You have the most powerful tool

ever created for an entrepreneur.

It’s called an iPhone, or the Korean version of it.

You have the most powerful tool, but it can

also be used against you if you’re not educated.

So if you believe all that stuff on your

phone, I think one of the biggest things that

goes against the school teacher is YouTube.

I find the best teachers on YouTube.

They teach because they want to teach,

but some of them are crux too.

But you’re going to know the difference.

And so I think YouTube is fantastic.

And I’m on YouTube constantly say, you saw

me, take off my headsets and all this.

I go to sleep with YouTube,

but I choose my teachers wisely.

I listen to guys who hate each other.

This may sound strange, but Peter Schiff hates Bitcoin.

He’s a good friend of mine, he’s a gold guy.

Then I listen to Michael Sailor and all these

other guys who are Bitcoin guys, and I just

listen to the two points of view, because in

between there is something I can take away.

But I don’t listen to just one side.

That’s why I said, when I was in 911 or

913, I was in Istanbul talking to Muslims and said,

I’m going to find out about your religion.

I was told what I was told as

a Marine, the crusades infidels and all this

crap that were taught as Marines also.

And I said, you guys are

good people, they’re good people.

But then I listen to guys like Jordan Peterson and

all that, who are more in my channel, my wavelength.

But the reason I said to young people, you’re given

the most powerful tool ever given to any generation.

It’s called an iPhone.

Everybody want to call it, but you have

to be careful how you use it.

Be careful who you listen to. That’s all there is.

I mean, you can use it to get really rich,

or you can use it to get really stupid.

And so everything is opposite.

There’s always two sides.

There are three sides to every coin.

Heads, tails and the edge of the coin.

And I stand on the edge and

it’s boom and bust and all this.

When Bitcoin went down to $3,000, if it goes to

zero, it went to six and I started buying. It hit seven.

I backed up the truck at nine, I put it in.

So I said, well, is Bitcoin going to crash?

I said, I don’t give a shit, because your profit is made

when you buy and you make more money in a crash.

And I use debt.

So it’s opposite of a 401K.

We’re on a depression right now.

A recession is two quarters of declining growth, right?

But a depression is suboptimal.

So you could have, let’s say that your GDP

should be 4%, but you’re operating at 2%.

That’s a depression.

People don’t know history.

Is that what happened on September 17, 2019,

there was a crash in the repo market.

The average person has no idea what the

repo market was, what happened in 2021?

So they pumped up.

The last time there was a crash

in the repo market was 2008.

So I’m sitting here in 2019, September 17. My God.

The repo market crashed.

And then a few months later, Colvette appears.

I’m like, Oh, my God, here it is.

Can you tell us what the repo market is?

Repo market is I call it the pawn shop.

It’s where people go in there.

And what happened at the repo market is the

Fed starts pumping money into the commercial banks, like

American Bank of America and those guys, Wells Fargo.

So they started pumping money into the

banks because the banks were empty.

That’s what happened when Lehman Brothers went down.

They didn’t have enough cash in them, but

it’s not even goes into the economy.

It stays within the banking system.

So what happens in a reverse repo?

So 2008 was a repo.

2019 was a repo.

And what happened in 2021 was a reverse repo.

The money started coming out of banks

and going back to the Fed.

Now, the average guy, what does that mean?

It means that the commercial

banks don’t trust their assets.

Their assets are questionable.


Evaluation is an opinion.

This house is worth $10 million.

That’s an opinion.

So they started wondering, what was the

true valuation of our so called assets?

So the money started coming out of commercial banks

like bank of America and Wells Fargo flowed back

into the Fed because they’d rather have it at

the Fed than in the marketplace.

Depression is when more jobs are lost and they’re going

to have to print more money, just as they did

to prevent when fauche, fascist fauche shut down the US

economy, the whole world economy shut down.

How can they pay people not to work?

America is now the largest

debt initiation in the history.

Student loan debt is out of sight.

Consumer loan debt is out of sight.

Stock market is all based upon debt.

We have more national debt than GDP.

Well, I don’t know about the exact numbers, but

I think we’re pushing the debt to GDP ratio. Okay?

It’s really simple.

And debt to GDP hits 90%.

So we have 90% debt to GDP.

That’s pretty optimal.

That means every dollar you borrow when

there’s 90%, economy grows by 10%.

Ratio the data.

Debt to GDP ratio is 140%.

They cannot add any more money to it.

It’s not going to grow.

That’s what it means.

It’s like a guy who has a house.

He kept refinancing his house and he loses his job.

He can’t borrow anymore.

So that’s what happened when the

debt to GDP went past 91%.

90% debt to GDP 140% were bankrupt.

The average guy has no clue what I just said to you.

How much time do we have left?

Already finished.

The markets are currently filled with negativity.

The Federal Reserve is tightening its monetary policy, bond

prices are decreasing, and the yield curve has inverted,

indicating that a recession is on the way.

Furthermore, the S Amp P 500 is down 10%

this year, while Cryptocurrency is down 10% across the

market with unparalleled volatility and inflation rates.

There’s a lot of innovation in the area.

With a slew of new innovative methods to

store your money, alternatives are no longer optional.

According to JPMorgan, the good news is that

because to a group of smart people harnessing

the power of technology, access to formerly illiquid

alternative markets has never been easier.

What do you think about Robert Kiyosaki‘s

outlook for the market for this year?

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