Mumbai Airport Lounges – A Comprehensive Guide to Adani Lounges 2024

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) is one of the busiest airports in India. With passenger traffic increasing every year, the airport has upgraded its infrastructure and facilities to match world-class standards. One of the most notable improvements has been the addition of premium airport lounges operated by Adani Group.

Overview of Airport Lounges at CSMIA

Airport lounges provide an oasis of comfort and luxury for passengers, allowing them to relax and refresh before flights. Lounges offer amenities like comfortable seating, free food and drinks, business centers, wifi, shower facilities, and more. At CSMIA, there are currently 12 airport lounges located across both domestic and international terminals.

The operators of CSMIA lounges are:

  • Adani Lounge – 7 lounges
  • GVK Lounge – 4 lounges
  • Plaza Premium Lounge – 1 lounge

Of these, Adani Group operates the maximum number of lounges at Mumbai Airport. Adani lounges provide access to customers of specific airlines as well as pay-per-use access. They aim to provide best-in-class facilities and hospitality to passengers.

Adani Lounges at Mumbai Airport – Features and Amenities

Adani has set up 6 fully operational lounges at CSMIA Terminals 1, 2, and 2A. An additional lounge at T2 is slated to open soon. The Adani lounges boast spacious interiors, bright décor, and modern amenities comparable to any international airport.

Here is an overview of the features and facilities provided at Adani lounges in Mumbai Airport:

Seating Areas

The lounges have different zones such as business centers, leisure sections, rest areas, etc. Seating options include couches, recliners, dining tables, and bar counters. The seating layout ensures privacy and space for relaxation.

Complimentary Food and Beverages

A variety of cuisines are available including Indian, regional, continental and international. Hot and cold snacks, meals, appetizers, pastries, and more are served at the lounges 24×7. Beverages include premium tea and coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Business Facilities

For business travelers, the lounges have meeting rooms, print/scan/fax service, computer workstations and other amenities. WiFi connectivity is provided for web access.

Recreation and Wellness

Recreational facilities include shower rooms, smoking lounges, nap rooms and spa services. Fitness enthusiasts can also use the gym with light exercise equipment at some locations.

Newspapers and Magazines

An assortment of national and international newspapers and magazines are available for reading at the lounges.

Common Amenities

All Adani lounges provide benefits like:

  • Premium customer service and hospitality
  • Complimentary luggage storage
  • TV entertainment with live news and sports channels
  • Childcare room for families with infants
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • 24/7 operations

Access Policy for Adani Lounges

The Adani lounges grant access through:

Airline Tie-ups: Passengers of specific airlines can use the lounges through airline lounge membership programs:

  • Air India First Class and Business Class passengers
  • Star Alliance Gold Members (for lounges in T2)
  • Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members (for lounges in T2)

Credit Cards: Select premium credit cards provide complimentary access to Adani lounges when cards are swiped at the lounge entrance.

Pay-Per-Use: International and domestic passengers can purchase lounge access at the reception counters. Different usage plans are available based on lounge location and duration required.

Priority Pass: Adani lounges accept Priority Pass membership, which allows lounge visits through prepaid access from its program partners.

Guide to Individual Adani Lounges at Mumbai Airport

Here is a brief guide to Adani’s individual lounges at CSMIA with their key features and locations:

  1. Adani Lounge T1B Domestic

This lounge near Gate 16 has multiple seating zones, all dining and bar facilities, a shower room, and a prayer room. Natural lighting creates a pleasant ambiance.

Location: First Floor, Terminal 1B, Opposite Gate 16

Timings: 24 hours

  1. Adani Lounge T1C Domestic

Located near Gate 33 on the first floor, this lounge offers prime tarmac views. It has a business center, steam room, and enclosed smoking room.

Location: First Floor, Terminal 1C, Opposite Gate 33

Timings: 24 hours

  1. Adani Lounge T1D Domestic

This spacious lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows is designed for passenger comfort. Guests can catch plane views from the outdoor terrace section.

Location: Level 1, Terminal 1D, Opposite Gate 54

Timings: 24 hours

  1. Adani Lounge International Departures T2

The lounge near departure gates 51-60 offers bay views and herbal massage facilities alongside other amenities.

Location: Level 4, Terminal 2, Opposite Gate 54

Timings: 24 hours

  1. Adani Lounge International Arrivals T2

Located opposite Gate 6 arrivals, this lounge provides shower facilities and a breakfast bar for arriving travelers.

Location: Level 2, Terminal 2, Opposite Gate 6

Timings: 24 hours

  1. Adani Lounge T2A Domestic

This contemporary lounge has dedicated smoking zones and spa services. Food is served at an interactive live kitchen counter.

Location: Level 3, Terminal 2A, Opposite Gate 73

Timings: 24 hours

  1. Upcoming Adani Lounge T2 (2022 opening)

A new lounge is being constructed at T2 near departure gates 11-15. It will have enhanced dining spaces and entertainment features.

Lounge Services for Differently Abled Passengers

Adani lounges provide wheelchair assistance and special amenities for differently abled guests:

  • Ramp access at entry/exit
  • Wheelchair accessible washrooms
  • Lowered counters and furniture
  • Staff assistance for luggage, food/beverages
  • Priority seating in lounge sections

This allows passengers with reduced mobility, elderly travelers, etc. to comfortably use lounge facilities.

Awards and Recognition

Adani lounges have received several awards which recognize their premium services:

  • Global Airport Lounge of the Year Award– By Priority Pass in 2018
  • Best Airport Lounge (First Class) Award– By Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Magazine in 2018 and 2019
  • Best Airport Lounge – Leisure Amenities Award– By Business Traveller Middle East Awards in 2021

The string of awards highlights Adani Group’s focus on service excellence for airport hospitality.


Adani Group has introduced new benchmarks for the airport lounge experience through its offerings at Mumbai’s CSMIA. Designed to global standards, Adani lounges provide luxurious amenities, warm hospitality, productivity options, and relaxation avenues for all types of travelers.

Whether you are an airline elite member, business executive, leisure tourist, or routine flier, the Adani lounges allow you to relax and rejuvenate before your upcoming flight from Mumbai Airport.

FAQ About Adani Lounges at Mumbai Airport

Q1. Where are Adani lounges located at Mumbai Airport?

Adani operates 7 lounges located across the domestic and international terminals of CSMIA. Lounges can be found in T1 B, C, D, and T2, T2A terminals after the security check.

Q2. What are the different ways to access Adani lounges?

Airline tie-ups, credit card access, pay-per-use entry, and Priority Pass are the ways to enter Adani lounges at Mumbai Airport.

Q3. What food options are available at Adani lounges?

The lounges have a 24×7 restaurant menu with Indian, continental, regional, and international cuisines. Premium alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are also served.

Q4. Do the lounges have sleeping facilities?

Yes, most Adani lounges have nap rooms or recliner chairs specially designed for resting between long flights.

Q5. Can I get a massage or spa treatment at Adani lounges?

Some Adani lounges offer massage services and spa treatments like steam, jacuzzi, etc. These are chargeable services that can be booked at the lounge reception.

Q6. Can children access the Adani lounges?

Yes, children accompanied by parents can enter the lounges. Separate play areas are available to keep children engaged.

Q7. What are the timings of Adani lounges at Mumbai Airport?

All the Adani lounges operate 24×7 throughout the week. Passengers can visit at any time as per their travel schedule.

Q8. Can I use Adani lounges on arriving at Mumbai Airport?

Yes, Adani also operates an arrivals lounge at T2 for passengers to freshen up and dine after landing at CSMIA.

Q9. Do Adani lounges provide internet access?

Complimentary high-speed WiFi access is provided at all Adani lounges for web browsing and emails.

Q10. How can I provide feedback about the Adani Lounge experience?

You can share feedback via email, contact number, or social media channels provided on the Adani Lounges website and brochures. User reviews help improve lounge services.

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