Jet Card Reviews : Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Jet Card 2024

Private jet cards have become an increasingly popular option for those looking to enjoy the luxury and convenience of private air travel without the high costs and responsibilities of full aircraft ownership or fractional ownership. Jet cards allow you to pre-purchase flight hours and amenities on private jets and then use those hours as needed. But with so many jet card providers and options on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which jet card is right for you. This comprehensive guide will provide jet card reviews and everything you need to know before purchasing a jet card.

What is a Jet Card and How Does it Work?

A private jet card is a membership-based program that allows you to pre-purchase flight hours and amenities on private jets, similar to a prepaid phone card. Jet card providers have partnerships with operators of light, midsize, super-midsize, and heavy private jets. When you purchase a jet card, you are buying a set amount of flight hours that can be used at your discretion.

Jet cards remove the hassles and upfront costs of fractional jet ownership. There are no long-term contracts, monthly management fees, or aircraft acquisition costs. You simply pay for the private flight hours and amenities you need upfront at fixed hourly rates. When you are ready to travel, you contact your jet card provider to book the flights, tap into your pre-purchased hours, and fly privately to your destination.

Jet card flight hours do not expire, and most providers allow you to gift or share hours with family and friends. Jet cards offer added flexibility, transparency, and customization versus jet membership programs. You can select the type of aircraft you fly on and customize your in-flight amenities.

Key Benefits of Jet Cards

There are many reasons jet cards are growing in popularity among private flyers:

  • Convenience– Book your private flights with just 24-48 hours’ notice at fixed contracted rates. Avoid the hassles of chartering on-demand.
  • Access– Get guaranteed availability to an entire fleet of safety-vetted aircraft at peak periods when charters are limited.
  • Flexibility– Purchase only the number of hours you need, tap into floating fleets, and avoid long-term contracts or monthly fees.
  • Transparency– Pay fixed hourly rates for occupied flight hours with no hidden fuel surcharges or taxi time fees.
  • Customization– Hand-pick your cabin layout, catering, WiFi, crew, and amenities. Access thousands of domestic and global airports.
  • Peace of Mind– Leading jet card providers guarantee availability, eliminate upfront acquisition costs, and ensure strict safety and security protocols.
  • Simplicity– Avoid the complexities and responsibilities of fractional jet ownership. Just pay and fly!

For busy executives, jet cards provide an appealing alternative to commercial flying without the commitment of full aircraft purchase. You get the convenience, consistency, and luxury of flying private minus the headaches.

How Do Jet Cards Compare to Charter (On-Demand) Flights?

While jet cards share some similarities with on-demand charter flights, there are some important differences:

  • Guaranteed Availability– Jet cards guarantee access 365 days a year, even during peak holiday periods when charters are limited.
  • Fixed Rates– Jet card rates are fixed and contracted upfront, while charter pricing fluctuates.
  • Peak Period Access– During busy seasons, jet card holders can access aircraft at contracted rates while charter customers may pay a peak period surcharge.
  • Shorter Notice– Jet cards allow booking flights with 24-48 hour notice versus charter which requires 5-7 days notice in many cases.
  • No Membership Fees– You only pay for the hours you need with jet cards. Charter often has membership fees.
  • Floating Fleets– Jet card providers have access to thousands of safety-vetted aircraft to meet demand.

The simplicity, convenience, and guaranteed access make jet cards a premium choice over charter for frequent flyers. However, on-demand charter works better for one-off trips.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Jet Card

Since jet cards represent a significant upfront investment, it is important to carefully evaluate the options before purchasing. Here are the key factors to consider:

Safety & Security

  • Does the provider thoroughly vet every operator and aircraft in their network? Look for rigorous safety audits and strict standards.

Aircraft Types

  • Choose a provider with a large network of aircraft makes and models to meet every trip requirement. Consider your needs – light, midsize, super-midsize, or heavy jets.

Service Area

  • Where will you fly most often? Pick a jet card provider with extensive service throughout the U.S. and worldwide if needed.

Peak Period Guarantees

  • Does the provider guarantee aircraft access 365 days per year, even on holidays? Peak period policies vary.

Catering & Amenities

  • Are personalized catering, cabin crew, WiFi, and amenities options included? Jet cards offer more customization than charter.

Customer Service

  • Is the provider available 24/7? Are crews trained for a highly personalized experience from booking to landing? Customer service should be exceptional.

Refund Policy

  • What is the policy if you need to cancel your jet card? Look for full refunds on unused hours.

Safety Record & Ratings

  • Does the provider exceed industry safety standards? Check for outstanding ratings and accident-free records.

Surprise Fees

  • Are there any hidden fees like fuel surcharges, taxes, or peak period upcharges? Opt for fixed-rate transparency.

By evaluating these key factors, you can find the ideal jet card for your private flying needs. Leading jet card providers like Aquavit Aviation offer flexible programs, vast global reach, 5-star personalized services, and rigorous safety standards.

Jet Card Pricing, Costs, and Fees

Jet card pricing mainly depends on two factors – the size of the aircraft you are flying on and the number of hours purchased. Light and midsize jets seat anywhere from 4 to 10 passengers and are the most common. Super midsize and heavy jets are more expensive and seat 14+ passengers in a more spacious cabin.

The minimum number of hours required on most jet cards is around 25 hours. Light and midsize jets can range from $130,000 to $250,000 for 25 hours. Super midsize and heavy jets are $300,000 to $500,000. Discounts are sometimes offered for larger-hour purchases.

Here are some other common jet card pricing factors:

  • Occupancy Fee– You only pay for the hours you fly, not empty legs.
  • Fuel Surcharges– No hidden fuel fees are charged by top providers.
  • Taxes– Federal excise taxes (7.5% of hourly rate) are added to purchases.
  • Peak Period Surcharges– Leading jet cards do not charge extra for holidays.
  • International Flights– Usually costs more for required 2-pilot crews.
  • One-Way Discount– Return legs may be discounted ~10% from hourly rates.
  • Empty Leg Discount– One-way empty-leg flights can sometimes be booked at a discount.
  • Catering & Amenities– Custom catering, crew tips, and WiFi are usually charged separately.

When comparing jet card pricing, be sure to consider the aircraft categories in each program, amenities included, peak period policies, occupied hourly rates versus ferry or taxi time fees, and any additional hidden surcharges.

Jet Card Providers: Top Options Compared

While there are over 100 jet card providers in the marketplace, these 10 industry leaders consistently rise to the top in terms of network reach, flexibility, aircraft availability, and customer service.

  1. Aquavit Aviation

Aquavit offers an elite jet card program with industry-leading flexibility, transparency, and customization. Choose between the Elite Jet Card or the semi-private Affinity Jet Card options. Floating fleet provides global reach. No daily minimums, no peak period surcharges, and allows gifting/sharing of hours.

Aircraft: 80+ aircraft types from light jets to airliners
Service Areas: Worldwide including Europe and Asia
Peak Period Policy: None – 365 days guaranteed availability
Minimum Hours: 25
Catering: Custom in-flight catering
Pets: Allowed for $150 per leg
Refund Policy: 100% refund on unused flight hours

  1. Sentient Jet

A leading jet card provider with a floating fleet model. 25-hour minimum purchase for cards. Offers free rounding up of occupied flight time to the next hour. Can gift or share hours with other Sentient cardholders. Provides same-day bookings.

Aircraft: 130+ aircraft
Service Areas: North America, Caribbean, Mexico
Peak Period Policy: None
Minimum Hours: 25
Catering: Pre-order and in-flight catering
Pets: Allowed for $150 per leg
Refund Policy: 90% refund on unused hours

  1. XOJet

An advanced aviation marketplace combining floating fleet jet cards, on-demand charter, and leasing. Offers 24/7 operations and mobile app access. The minimum purchase is 50 hours on their Select Jet card. Heavy jets are available.

Aircraft: 2,000+ charter aircraft; 40+ jet card aircraft
Service Areas: Worldwide
Peak Period Policy: None
Minimum Hours: 50 Select cards; 25 Elite card
Catering: In-flight catering and refreshments
Pets: Allowed for $150 per leg
Refund Policy: 100% refund on Select card; 90% on Elite card

  1. Jet Linx

A network of Jet Card bases across the U.S. Guaranteed availability 365 days. Five-hour minimum increment on cards. Integrated ground transportation and FBO terminals at their Base locations.

Aircraft: 100+ aircraft; Base locations nationwide
Service Areas: U.S., Mexico, Caribbean, Canada
Peak Period Policy: None
Minimum Hours: 5 increments
Catering: In-flight catering, refreshments
Pets: Allowed
Refund Policy: 100% refund on unused hours

  1. Magellan Jets

Provides 25-hour prepaid cards and a pay-as-you-fly jet card option. Unlimited guest usage of hours, card sharing, and gifting allowed. Access to 7,000+ aircraft globally.

Aircraft: 7,000 aircraft worldwide
Service Areas: Worldwide
Peak Period Policy: None
Minimum Hours: 25
Catering: Custom catering is available
Pets: Allowed
Refund Policy: 90% refund on unused hours

  1. FXAIR

Aircraft management company offering jet cards, charter, and turbine aircraft leasing. Floating fleet model with no restrictions on owner aircraft. $100k and $200k prepaid card options.

Aircraft: Network of owned aircraft; floating charter fleet
Service Areas: U.S, Caribbean, Mexico, Canada
Peak Period Policy: None
Minimum Hours: $100k or $200k card
Catering: Personalized catering menu
Pets: Allowed
Refund Policy: 90% refund on unused hours

  1. JetEdge

Guaranteed availability 365 days. Super midsize and heavy jets are available. Partners with CharterEdge subsidiary for on-demand charter. Fractional ownership and leasing options are also available.

Aircraft: 85 aircraft in owned fleet
Service Areas: Worldwide
Peak Period Policy: None
Minimum Hours: 25
Catering: Custom catering and refreshments
Pets: Allowed
Refund Policy: 90% refund on unused hours

  1. Private Jet Services (PJS) Group

More than 4,000 aircraft are available worldwide through a network of operators. $100k and $400k prepaid jet card options. 24/7 operations team. No fees for domestic pets.

Aircraft: 4,000+ charter aircraft available
Service Areas: Worldwide
Peak Period Policy: Holiday surcharges may apply
Minimum Hours: $100k or $400k jet card increments
Catering: Custom catering is available
Pets: Allowed at no extra fee
Refund Policy: 90% refund on unused hours

  1. JetSuite

SuiteKey jet card offers guaranteed availability on a fleet of super-midsize jets. As low as 10-hour cards are offered. Unique intra-California and Las Vegas service areas from bases in CA and NV.

Aircraft: 30+ super midsize jets
Service Areas: Intra-California, Las Vegas
Peak Period Policy: None – 365 days guaranteed
Minimum Hours: 10 hours
Catering: Complimentary snacks and drinks
Pets: Allowed for $150 per leg
Refund Policy: 100% refund on unused hours

  1. Private Jet Card Comparisons

This site provides free custom jet card pricing, comparisons, and advisory services. You can easily compare jet cards side-by-side based on your specific needs and filters. If you need help selecting a jet card, utilize their free advisory services.

Aircraft: Compare all aircraft categories
Service Areas: Worldwide providers evaluated
Peak Period Policy: Displayed for each jet card
Minimum Hours: Full range shown
Catering: Listed in amenity details
Pets: Pet policies shown
Refund Policy: Refunds displayed in details

This summary and comparison just scratches the surface of the jet card provider landscape. Run your own customized side-by-side jet card comparison on Private Jet Card Comparisons using over 100 filters to find the right provider for your private aviation needs.

How to Choose the Best Jet Card Program

While jet cards offer many advantages over charter flights, not all programs are created equal. Follow these key steps to help find the ideal jet card for your flying needs:

  • Analyze Your Travel Patterns– Where do you fly most often? What airports will you need to access? Are international flights required?
  • Determine Aircraft Size– Light, midsize, super mid, or heavy jet? Choose based on passenger capacity, range, and cabin requirements.
  • Calculate Hours Needed– Don’t overbuy flight hours. Fly charter first to estimate usage before purchasing card hours.
  • Narrow Down Providers– Create a shortlist and compare details on network reach, peak policies, aircraft types, and service areas.
  • Compare Pricing– Get custom quotes for your specific needs. Look at occupied hourly rates and any potential surcharges.
  • Verify Safety & Standards– Ensure the provider thoroughly vets all operators and crew to strict standards. No cutting corners.
  • Review Contract Terms– Understand cancellation policies, peak period rules, amenities, taxes, gifting privileges, and other fine print before signing.
  • Ask About Service– Are experienced aviation professionals available 24/7? Will the crew be personalized and classes in safety?
  • Go for Flexibility– Look for no daily minimums, low hourly increments, the ability to gift/share, and refunds on unused hours.

By taking the time to evaluate these factors and tailor programs to your flying requirements, you can find the perfect jet card for enjoying all the perks of private aviation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jet Cards

  1. Are jet cards worth it?

For frequent private flyers, jet cards can provide great value through guaranteed availability, fixed contracted rates, and flexibility. You avoid charter hassles at peak times. Jet cards are best suited for those flying at least 50 hours per year.

  1. Can jet cards be shared?

Most jet card providers allow gifting or sharing of hours with family, friends, or business associates. Each passenger must be registered and policies vary by provider. Some offer companion passes or guest accounts.

  1. How quickly can I book a jet card flight?

A key benefit of jet cards is guaranteed access on shorter notice than charter. In most programs, you can book a flight with just 24-48 hours’ notice even during busy periods when charter aircraft are limited.

  1. Are there age limits on jet cards?

No, there are generally no age restrictions. However, a few jet card providers have minimum age requirements for unaccompanied minors such as 14 or 16 years depending on the provider.

  1. Can I use my jet card internationally?

Many jet card providers have global reach and provide international flight services. However, some are limited regionally or just within the United States. If you need international access, choose a program with worldwide aircraft and service areas.

  1. Are pets allowed on jet card flights?

Most jet card providers permit pets onboard their aircraft for an extra fee, usually around $150 each way. Restrictions may apply for larger pets that need to fly in the hold. Always check policies.

  1. What are peak period policies?

During high-demand weeks like Christmas, charter availability is limited. Some jet cards charge peak period surcharges. The best providers guarantee access 365 days without peak fees.

  1. Are there taxes on jet cards?

You need to pay a 7.5% federal excise tax as well as any applicable state/local taxes based on your departure and arrival. Taxes are itemized separately by providers.

  1. How can I get the best deal on a jet card?

Contact multiple providers and get custom quotes for your specific requirements to compare pricing. Ask about discounts for higher-hour purchases or longer terms. Purchase during sales when offered.

  1. Should I join a jet card or jet membership club?

Jet cards offer guaranteed availability, fixed rates, and flexibility. Clubs have monthly dues and less consistency. For occasional travelers or one-way trips, charter may be best. Evaluate your travel patterns.


For busy executives and frequent private flyers, jet cards provide an appealing alternative to commercial flights and on-demand charter. They allow you to buy private flight time upfront and

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